Technical Rear Doors Locked and Won't Unlock

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Technical Rear Doors Locked and Won't Unlock


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Sep 29, 2007
Can anyone help - we bought a new (to us anyway!) Stilo from Carcraft :bang: in February. It's a five door and registered 53. Seven days after we bought it, the rear doors locked and wouldn't un-lock. We don't have central locking key control - the key we have is a flick knife type mechanism. We returned the car to the garage where they "repaired" it,:bang: and we drove it away. Now, seven months later, exactly the same thing has happened, and surprise, surprise, Carcraft have told us that that part of the car is not covered on the warranty!:bang: :bang: :bang:

We have taken the car to a local garage and been told that its the door motors, but I find it hard to believe that the fault would happen twice in seven months. Do Stilos tend to have a problem with the rear doors.

I've read up on posts up on here and we've checked Fuse 32 which is ok. The front doors are locking and unlocking fine.

If anyone could help that would be great as we are really disappointed, we thought we'd bought a reliable family car, but at the moment our little 4 year old is having to climb into the car via the front!

Carcraft are about as useful as a chocolate teapot!
well first of all I'd want a remote key! did you just get one flip key with the car?

remote keys are about £150 from FIAT.

EDIT: if they repaired it the first time why not the second time?
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They only gave us the one key - the flip one. My sister has a Punto, and she said it was strange given the age of the car.

Do you think that could have something to do it with.

Car Craft say that they repaired it the first time as it was within 90 days of the sale - I'm now arguing that surely they must guarantee their own work, but they're having none of it! It's gonna cost £258 to repair, which I wouldn't mind if it hadn't happened before, but I'm worried we're gonna get in a six/seven month cycle of needing to get it done.

One thing we've learnt, is never to buy a car from Car Craft again! Apart from all that, we're loving our little Stilo.
I must say, that you cant beat buying a car from a trusted main dealer. When i had a new body computer fitted for mine, they replaced all the parts in the normal key that i used, but had to order me a new spare key in and code it up. Went there a few days later when it wa sin, expecting the new key to be the small round headed boring one. And to my surprise he had ordered me a brand new one with all the buttons on and everything. It is nice and new and shiny.
when they fixed it the first time did they replace any parts? because most parts come with a 12 month unlimited mileage warranty.

does seem slightly strange that you didn't get a remote key, but I think thats unrelated to the problem, my old stilo had one remote and one without a remote, my new stilo has 2 remote keys.
Thanks Dan!

Hadn't thought about the parts being guarantee'd. Carcraft are being so slippery, they're not saying anything.

I've written to the managing director at his home. I've asked if he can sort it out for me, but we need to get the work done, so we've booked it into the garage on Tuesday to get it sorted once and for all. At least this way, we'll get paperwork with the work done, unlike Carcraft who never leave a paper trail.

Thanks for all your help - we'll look into getting a Remote Key, we were only given one key when we bought the thing.
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It might still be something simple. The rear door locks and the boot are controlled by the separate boot control unit and has its own fuse F36. If this is gone then the rear doors locking/unlocking will be dead. I presume the rear doors don't open from the inside either.
Does the boot lock open and close ok? As that is also run from the boot control unit

Do you have deadlocks and do you use them? These have had a tendency to jam in the locked position

You don't say which model you have but F36 is bottom row far left on a 1.6 and it's 20A

Locks usually last much more than 7 months and they don't go both together unless you get UFOs in your neighbourhood
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My first thought is that two keys with remote are missing. This means there are two keys out there that is capable of opening and starting your car. :confused:
I got Stilo 1.2 2002' central mechanical locking system without electronic key.
The first time i realize my rear door want budge, was when i played
with my car keys (dont ask me why:bang:) i was scared like hell, it took me at
least 2 months to solve the problem. And it was solved with key combination. What i mean is,
Stilo has some kind of lock system that can be activated with a key. Two times to the right,
once to the left (i cant remember) is the combination that locks rear door on the
side where u put ur key in (only on that side). U can deactivate the door lock, just
go opposite way u locked it ( 2R 1L - 2L 1R).I cant promise it will help u:confused: i
know it helped me, so good luck.
Thank you everyone - my husband is gonna have a look at the fuse this afternoon, we've already looked at F32, so we'll look at F36 now!

He'll also try the door combination thing!

You've all been so helpful - we're actually paying a garage to sort it tomorrow, but if we can save ourselves £258 tht will be great.

Thanks again.

We've fixed it, it was that weird combination thing - my husband just tried it, and it works! Now we're able to open and close the rear doors, so we'll be able to get my little boy in and out of it again, without having to climb in the through the passenger doors!!

We're gonna go out and invest in one of those remote keys now, as that is what we should have got from Car Craft when we bought the thing.


I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:woot: