Realistically how much is my HGT worth?

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Realistically how much is my HGT worth?


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Aug 9, 2010
Hi First time poster but avid reader of the forum here!

Firstly let me introduce myself I am 27 and have been driving for 6 years, I have owned 3 cars all Fiat Punto’s first I had an S reg 1.1 then upgraded to a 52 reg 1.2 active to finally buying my present problematic model X reg 1.8 hgt for £2400 which I have owned for 3 years.

I have reached my final tether with the hgt now after countless problems!

First to go was the gear linkage which was replaced at £170, then the steering column failed and after initially being quoted £700 from fiat I found a second hand one on ebay for £160 plus £50 to fit, next I had a split in the manifold which cost around £200 to repair, next was a big one the cambelt snapped and I had to replace all the valves at a cost of £550 and the latest thing to fail was the gearbox to which I was able to pick up a reconditioned one for £300 plus £250 to fit so £550 so that’s £1680 in repair cost in 3 years!

The car is fully working at the moment albeit for an airbag warning light that remains illuminated, and I’m taking this opportunity to sell it and never look at a Fiat again.

My question is in today’s market how much should I realistically look at selling it for?

Blue(matt) Fiat punto 1.8 hgt X reg 61000 miles FSH, brand new Tax and MOT last serviced about 7months ago. Car has replaced passenger side wing and bonnet which is a slightly different shade of blue which is not initially noticeable but is evident upon inspection (prv owner claimed he was hit by a cyclist) there is a large key scratch across the bonnet and a smaller but noticeable key scratch across the fuel cap and part of that panel. Interior cabin is fine with 1 or 2 wear and tear scuffs and the seats are ok just slightly stained due to wear. Other then that the car is fine, and at least any potential owner can rest assured that the common big problems that can occur have happened and been repaired, so what ball park figure should I be looking at bearing in mind the above?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance Darren.
Sep 3, 2004
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Going by completed lisings on ebay, I`d say you should expect £800-1000, any more would be a bonus.

The main reason for that is the 1.8 is in the higher tax bracket.