Technical Rattling from Exhaust FLEXY

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Technical Rattling from Exhaust FLEXY


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Jan 13, 2006
Hi all

Not so long ago I posted about the flexy on my exhaust, it had gone and I got it changed by Woodcocks Garage in Hull, now it is making like a rattling noise or like air escaping. I took it back to Woodcocks and the guy just said new flexy's will do this because of "resinence" (is that the right spelling?)

Basically when I get into high Revs it does it, and I do alot of motorway driving so its starting to drive me nuts!!

Any help on this would be great!
When I had mine changed, my Bravo was smooth and made no sounds. I was constantly on the motorway after and heard nothing from it at all

Surely that cant be right?
thats exactly what i said to the guy, but hes convinced its suposed to do it. he said after a while when abit of carbon has built up it will stop.... like wtffff?????

Ive booked it in with them on the 24th of this month and he said he will check to make sure there is no obvious lose parts.

he also brought up that it sounded like the bearing on the cam was on the way out.. how much would that sort of job cost to get it changed?
I had something similar happen to me when changing the rear box on a Doblo, I fitted the exhaust started it, revved it and it sounded like air was escaping like you said. I put it down to the exhaust possibly being dropped and one of the baffles rattling around in the rear box. It is true that after a bit of driving carbon build up will get rid of the annoying noise.