Radio not working but aux and cd player do

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Radio not working but aux and cd player do


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Dec 11, 2020
Hi everyone, previous fiat grande punto owner here. Mine was sadly written off last week so I’m about to upgrade and buy a 2013 Fiat Punto Easy I believe.
I went to see it today and loved it so I’ve put a deposit down. It had 1 previous owner and super low mileage. My question is (not sure if this is the right place) but I’ll give it a go anyway. Everything is fab and I’m really happy but the radio isn’t working. The dealership phoned and said the cd player and aux are both working but not the radio itself. Is this a big or small issue? Should I stay clear? Feeling super anxious as I’ve never spent money like this on a car so I just want to be cautious and ensure everything is okay first

Thanks in advance for any help