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General Radio acting all weird!


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Aug 19, 2007
Hi there,

I recently bought a punto second hand. The car must have been in for electrics work at some point (its a 1996 model) and the battery was disconnected (as usual).

Anyway, my car radio locked itself, and when I bought it my dad started fiddling with it.

I was all ready to either pay for a code or find a code online for it, but dad pressed a LOT of buttons when he was in the car (I'm never again letting him in it alone, I heard him crunch the gearbox last night, ouch!).

Now the radio just ways WAIT on the screen when I turn it on, and I can't enter any codes or... well, do anything!

What do I do now?!
I've tried waiting... nothing happens. Left it on while I drove for about 10 minutes, no change.
I've tried waiting... nothing happens. Left it on while I drove for about 10 minutes, no change.[/quote]

I had a similar problem with a 1994 Citroen XM. After putting the wrong code in a number of times the display locked with the word CODE on it. Turn it off, try again a couple of hours later and it still said CODE.......... What I found though was if I left the radio on with CODE still displayed, after half an hour the radio came on properly of its own accord. After that, it could be switched off and on as normal. Worth trying???.............. Jim.
if the wrong code is entered, you will have to wait untill you can try again.
The waiting time increases progressively 1min, 2min, 4min, 30min, 1hr, 2hr, 8hr, 16hr ad 24hr. so if ur dads kept entering codes your going to have to wait for more than 10 min :)

Try dissconnecting battery again n leaving it for a while, or touch the -'ve n +'ve wires together.

but if you dont know the code for it your pretty stuck n will just happen again...