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Styling Quick question


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Dec 27, 2005
soz another bumper question :p

well theres this 1 on ebay, going cheap which is same colour as my car (currently got nasty black bumpers) so I want some decent primed ones put on

heres the ones on ebay (I want the light blue one)

question is ... does it look like it'll fit a 2000 V reg, 5 door punto? the guy selling it has no clue what its off (n) , and I have no idea whatl fit or not.

good thing is its only going for £30, with £20 delivery which is well cheap.

another question is how much would I expect to pay for 1 bumper being spray painted to match my car? and will it being 6 years old have affected the colour (faded possibly?)

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cinqysxmk2 said:
judging by the curve of the top edge, it looks like the mk2b to me... i presume yours in the mk2 as it's 2000

the gold and black are definately mk2 and the blue and silver 2b

yeh thats what I was worried about the curve, wot year does mk2b start do ya no?

I'll take a pic of bumper thats on mine tomorrow, should be easier to see then.

thanx for ya help mate
The gold one is a mk2 Active and the black one is a mk2 Sporting I think.

The light blue one is a mk2b Active and the grey one is a mk2b either Acitve Sport or HGT, not quite sure

I could be wrong but thats what they look like to me :eek:
well these are the bumpers currently on my car.




would any of those on the ebay list fit?