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Sep 19, 2007
Ive found a scrappy with a fan for a 1.4 bravo but hes 150 miles away.
Will this work on the 1.2 even if i have to change over the cowling.
My sister is coming down to visit me in an hour and the guy is near to her
Yes it should work have checked the parts database and as long a both cars dont have aircon they it will fit as that part looks to be shared berween 1.4, 1.2 and some of the 1.6sx's

Heres the codes for the 2 that will fit and there relative prices new.

46744926 10409/00 ELECTROFAN £71.89

46744928 10409/00 ELECTROFAN £86.09
Brilliant thanks for that - diamond
i wish those prices were over here - the have a nasty thing called vrt which sticks 20-40 % onto everything related to cars
fan failure is very rare, rusty connections on the fan relay are common, dont buy and fit a fan unless you know 100% your fan is faulty, test it first.
Have tested the fan directly to the battery and its dead as a dodo - but ll look at the realy as well
the fan is negatively switched so you dont test it by connecting directly to the battery, the fan gets a permanent live, you test it by earthing it. first determine if the fan is getting a permanent live, if it isnt then the fan's fuse is most likely the problem. if it is getting a live then earth the other side of the fan, then it should spin.
tested the live feed with a multi meter there is 0.31 volts showing on both wires. The haynes manual says there should be a red and black wire but there is a blue & a black/purple wire.
Have wired directly form the contact to the positive on the battery and then earthed the body of the motor to a ground and no movement
1. am i doing this right
2. what is the 2 wires - live - switch - negative ??
3. Have checked the fuse and contacts - all ok - so what else can i check for the feed
0.31 volts? thats very strange. there must be 12v on one wire and nothing on the other when you disconnect the fan's connector and test using the 2 pins on that connector, touch tester's red terminal on a pin and tester's black terminal on the car's chassis. if you got 0.31volts doing it that way then there is something VERY wrong. something is seriously restricting the live, and something is sending current down the earth, even though the earth is isolated unless it the ecu switches the fan on. that could only be caused by a strange short at the relay, but a very strange one.
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tried it again and im getting an average reading of 11.23 off the blue wire and little off the other - so im guesssing
1. I messed up the previous reading
2. there is a live feed
3. when i earth the body there is no movement
4. replacing fan is best
As you can see i am a best guess novice and really apprciate all of your help
excellent, so we have power.

try replacing the fan (testing the new one to make sure it works before fitting),

if a working fan doesnt switch on when the temp gauge gets a tiny bit above half way then you have a problem, in which case its time to clean up the relay and do some more tests.
brilliant thanks for everything - i hope in a few hours this thread can be closed