General Push-Pop Fuel Cap Replacement?

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General Push-Pop Fuel Cap Replacement?


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Feb 6, 2006
Its absolutely crap and keeps popping out as im going along. Is it possible to replace it with something more stable?

Im doubting ill be able to get a locking one but maybe you guys know some replacements...

Yeah, the outter cover. The one that you can see from the outside of the car.
I dont think ive broken it, maybe i have. Ill look into it.
"I have trouble opening it"

Me too. I've got the central locking activated fuel cap cover with plain filler cap and not the plain cover with fuel cap key locking type. I keep thinking I'm going to break the cover off each time I open it to access the fuel cap

Did someone have a go at nicking your fuel and force the outer cover?
Spray grease the mechanisim on mine and have formed habit of pushing forward edge of filler flap inwards and forwards to pop the back edge out so I can get my fingers behind it to flip it open ;) Have noticed plunger that 'locks' the flap sometimes sticks, usually cured by locking and unlocking the car (more spray grease me thinks!) alternatively manual release by pulling red cord in filler side boot cubby...
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Had a new cover fitted on mine when i bought it cos it was missing and it didnt take long for it to get stiff ;) now now the flap so i make sure its lubed up regularly then you get no problems [the flap guys the flap ]:bang: honestly i give in with you lot :p :D