Technical punto wrote off new cinq owner!

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Technical punto wrote off new cinq owner!


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Nov 5, 2006
hi guys ive not looked in this part of the forum yet as i had a mk2 punto go! lol(1.2 8v MPI) well i smashed it up the other night and im totaly gutted BUT""

My freind asked if i was interested in a cinq he had, and wow! i love it slight problem i have lots of oil over the engine looks like HG (common problem)

anyway i have a complete 1.2 8v out my punto. could i fit it the the cinq and keep the janspeed exhaust etc from the cinq? ive read the gearbox's are the same, punto 1 feels much smoother mind! and ive read i should keep the cinq ECU as it revs to 7k any help and info whould be great thanks guys!

janspeed is cat back so all is good with that oil problem was fixing today 2! did an oil change and fitted new rocket cover nice clean engine there now! goes like stink i beat a 1.4 306 and escort today in a race up hill! should have seen there faces as i hit 7k flying past them! thanks for the help ill keep all updated on progress!