Punto (Mk2/2b) Punto Stage Rally Car


Hi, I have a Punto 188 stage prepared rally car, 2 events only so far with mixed success, and need an early Punto 176 6 speed gearbox (fitted to the 55SX 1108cc Fire engine, only 54 bhp so low final drive).
Can anyone help or post this thread where it may be seen in the best place?
Apr 8, 2008
Wow... alot of ££ gone into that....
The 176 is the mk1 chassis
There pretty rare these days as most have rotted or in the scrap yard.....

Ebay is probably your best bet... as there gonna be rare

What's different between the mk1 6sp and the mk2 6sp?

As similar setups (5speed with an extra 6 bolted on)



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May 13, 2012
Quite south.
Any early 1.6 Punto Cabrio (pre 97 I think), has the second shortest final drive ratio (just after the 6 speed 55) at 3.867, unless you can find a Punto Cabrio 'S' from abroad (only the ELX was sold here) which has a final drive of 4.071. The 1.6 has a different bell housing to suit the older 128 SOHC engine but I think it can be swapped for a FIRE one.

If you're interested in gearing and what might suit here's a table I made a year or so ago on the mk1 Punto ratios.
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