General Punto slowing down on it's own accord.

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General Punto slowing down on it's own accord.


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Sep 5, 2007
Hiya, I'm new here, just posted on the newbie forum but having trouble uploading a pic.

I've got a r reg 1997 mk1 sx 60 5 door, which has been going great mainly since I bought it 4 weeks ago.

It does seem to judder on first, but mainly when my partner drives it.

The main problem is the other night I was coming out from a closed junction in 1st, turned onto the road, applied some gas to change up to 2nd and the car just seemed to slow right down, wouldn't really move. I checked I wasn't in 3rd by mistake (new 1st time driver :) ), and then thought maybe it didn't like 1st (as it doesn't seem to) so changed up to 2nd - same problem. I had this blinking MPV beeping like made behind me. Finally it seemed to regain power and I could move off. My partner helpfully suggested that I maybe had my foot on the brake instead of the gas, but I didn't.

Any ideas what it could have been as worried about it happening again.

hmmm could be something simple like plugs. hve had this before in one of my cars and im sure it was an easy fix. normally what happens is the ignition system isnt work to full spec so when you put ya foot down fuel floods in but to much and doesnt ignite properly.

do you know when it was last serviced can you check condition of plugs ? or even check the airfilter see if its really old and dirty.
Hi, thanks for that. I'll check it out. My Dad looked at the plugs at the weekend and said they were fine. it might be down to him then lol, though it did drive back from his ok afterwards (120 miles).I don't know when it had it's last service as there was no recent service history wit the car. Might book it in for one.

Thanks all, I've booked it in for a service.

Driving it up to Dunstable Saturday afternoon, so if anyone sees me chugging along give us a wave lol.

i had a problem like this, very slow up to speed in 1st and second, one i got up to speed it was o.k it was just getting there. have your windows down wen u start going or whatever and see if there a blowing noise coming from the exhaust. The problem i had was the cat had collapsed, if thats what it is they can be expensive to replace i think but i wouldnt know too well because I was just going to get it chopped out n a length of pipe welded in in its place, unfortunatly my cylinder head went and the radiator poped afew days before i was going to get it sorted :( new car now tho :)