General punto revs surgeing

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General punto revs surgeing


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Sep 30, 2007
hi , when i let my car tick over the revs are surgeing , does anyone have any idea what this could be ,

thanks alot
by the way it is a 2001 sporting 1.216v

thanks alot for help
My 1.1 had it...believe it was caused by a dodgy ecu (i couldnt get it changed because i didnt have a red key so lived with it) thankfully the ecu seemed to use windows 95 cos like all M$ problems you could solve it by switching it off and then switching it back on again or you could put your foot on the brake then manually set the idle with the clutch then after a couple of seconds of that if you dipped the clutch it would hold steady after that but not good for your clutch or drive train, my 1.1 was expendable note the sig.