ok so today i changed my rear wheel bearing so i thought id write out a guide as i could not find one on here. this is how i did mine.

take the rear wheel off, using either your cars wheel brace and jack or your own, i used my own for this job as is easyier, chock the front passanger and rear drivers wheels to stop the car moving forward as you need to leave the hand brake off to help get the drum off easily.

once you have the drum in front of you give it a sping, giing it gentle taps witha hammer to loosen any debrey inside and will help get the drum loose.

next you will see 2 pins coming off the drum with a 12mm nut head on them, undo these and place in safe place to the side.

once you have dont that you can remove the drum, i find moving it left and right gently and pulling get them off easily. once the drum is off just give it a quick clean with some wet and dry blow brake dust out and set to the side.

once the drum is off you can now see the hub directly in front of you, there is a cap covering the nut get a flat screwdriver and a hammer and gently tap around the edges till it eases off, keep that safe.

now you can see the 32mm nut, for this i used socket and a 12v impact gun, (if you dont have one, i suggest in time investing, it is my savior as i dont have to use a bar, cost !9:99 from argos 4 years ago, brillant tool), once you have undo the nut you can put this aside you probably wont need it as your new kit comes with a new nut.

you can now slide off the old hub, it can be abit stiff but turn gently left and right as you pull it comes off easy youl see theres a washer inside, you need to keep this, give it a clean and also you will see a spacing washer at the back do the same with this also.

now get your new hub and gently put some greese inside the edge of the seal and the rim of it and the back, as im abit anal and it wont hurt it, as i noticed the old one had been done the same too.

you can gentle smear greese on the spindle if you want too, help keep it good. re position the rear spacer back onto the spindle and now go ahead and gently ease on your new hub once fully on, put your other washer inside the hub as reverse of what you did to take it out.

now put your new nut on and tighten it down with your 32mm socket and racteht by hand till you feel it nip up, take a torque wrench and set it to 280NM and tighten your nut with your torque wrench till the aquired torque is set.

again cuz im mad about doing things nice and safe, take your brass cover your took off at the start covering the nut, clean it up and smear greese gently inside not to much but some, and some around the outer edge of the cover, gently tap this back on, do it slowly and evenly no need to go crazy.

next replace the drum back on sometimes these can be annoying but take your time and it will go ok, make sure the holes from the drum all align correctly to the new hub you replaced. take the 2 12mm pins your took off and replace, tighten this up accoringly.

now replace the wheel and torque all your wheel nuts to rigth setting, double make sure wheel bearing spins freely and drum isnt catching by spinning your wheel and check there is no play now from the bearing, if all ok set your car back down and your all done, remove the chocks reapply hand brake.
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