Technical Punto radio harness connections

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Technical Punto radio harness connections


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Feb 18, 2006
I have just purchased a 04 Punto for my wife. The car had no radio fitted, but had previously been fitted with an aftermarket unit. Whoever had fitted it had just cut the plug off the harness and spliced on a kenwood plug. (n)
There are now some other wires just sticking out which were previously connected to the original plug. :confused:

I now want to fit a standard Fiat Radio CD (Fiat code 735388560 or so Ive been informed by my local Fiat dealer) but I now have the problem of refitting an original plug. Does anyone know the cable and pin connection for the plug, or where I could get the info required.

hmmm i the wires that are left is about 2-4 wires ??? do they have a lil coloured plastic thing on end ? not black or white ?

normally when putting after market stereo in car you can just plug existing cables straight in back but you have to leave some over as they only work with origianl fiat radios as they have a security check on them andthis cable connects them to the cars computer.

if they have cut everything off then what i done once was go to scrap yard cut out the connectors from a macthing car, then when you get back you just reconnect up the matching wires with spade or bullit connectors.
I think there are about 4 wires left over. I will try a visit to my local scrapyard to see if he has any puntos.