Technical Punto Problems....... starting, screeching, rattling

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Technical Punto Problems....... starting, screeching, rattling


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Jan 30, 2006
I have a 2001 Punto with several issue..... sounds familiar......

1. doesn't always start, doesn't appear to be a flat battery as the starter motor turns over but the car just doesn't start. Sometimes if you try to start it again staight away afterwards the starter mortor will just turn over a couple of times and then stop....

2. when it does start it is very rattly - this is only as soon as it starts and only after sitting overnight and only lasts a few seconds.

3. Sometimes get a really loud screaching noice not sure really where is it coming from and it goes if I slow down, doesn't appear to be on the brakes though. I have tried to accelerate through it but can't. The car doesn't lose power, but won't pull quite as well. It usually only lasts for a couple of miles or so and then stops - only happens when I am driving at speed on long journeys.

Any suggestions?? :bang:
for the screatch,does it go if you dip the clutch?if so could be the thrust bearing.if it increases with revs it could be an alternator belt.
rattly sound,when was the oil last changed?and was it with the correct grade?(10 40 IIRC)
for not starting do you mean the starter turns slowly and stops like it would with a flat battery but has power?if so the starter could need lubed or possiblyy has a poor connection.

reply back to my post and we'll see where we can go from there
screeching and not starting sound related, alternator belt

rattling sounds like crap/wrong oil, change it. and if that doesnt sort it, i wouldnt worry - worry if it does it when warm
I am doing the motorway run into London this weekend (as it only ever happens around 70...) so will dip the clutch to see if that stops the screeching, if it happens on this journey as it doesn't always happen. it also never happens at lower speeds. It doesn't seem to increase with revs but I will see what happens the next time. I know that foot off the accelerator stops it as does lightly braking, also the screeching starts quieter and gets louder and then stops as quickly as it starts.

I have no problem changing gears etc..... so clutch appears ok. How would I know definitively if it was thrust bearing or alternator belt, should my garage be able to tell or it is pot luck???

Oil was changed at the 60,000 mile service in November, will check what oil was used.... and change it....

As for starting the starter usually turns normally but the engine will not start, sometimes if you try to start immediately afterwards it will turn over maybe once and then completely stop.... eventually it starts...
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