Technical Punto Pop 2017 remote locking issue

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Technical Punto Pop 2017 remote locking issue


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Nov 20, 2023
Hi, my wife just bought a low mileage 2017 Punto Pop (from a dealer) to replace her 2008 Punto Grande (had since new). For the test drive, she was given the emergency key to use and the remote locking key was handed over after payment. Stopping for petrol on the way back (long journey) she discovered that the remote didn’t work. Using the key in the driver’s side door lock will lock and unlock the car. I’ve changed the battery in the fob but it still doesn’t work. Is it likely to need a new key fob or could there be another reason for the remote not working?
Yeah, chances are that the internals are toast. I was wondering whether the receiver in the car could be faulty - is that a known issue?
Yeah, chances are that the internals are toast. I was wondering whether the receiver in the car could be faulty - is that a known issue?

My initial thought was..
'Not the correct key for your car'..

But the Blade works your locks 🤔

DOES it start the engine.?
Clearing the Immobiliser.. 😉

I think a good locksmith can check the innards, fit a new chip if necessary

Then they can re INSTALL BOTH KEYS, VIA the OBD port

Do let us know what you discover 👍
It does start the engine, so we can use the car so it’s defo the right key.
it’s under a 3 month warranty so next step will be to see if it’s covered by the warranty.
The handbook also states that a Fiat dealer can provide a new key (with ID and proof of ownership) so may try that route as well depending on warranty/cost of locksmith/cost of dealer’s new key.
Thanks for all the suggestions so far. . .
Dealer key.. @£240...!

I had a spare rebuilt by a locksmith for £80.probably @£100 now

Do try the supplying garage though.. Problem being they would want the car for a day+, and sounds like it's not local
Fiat Keys are north of 200 for the older typre and north of £350 for newer types. Try a locksmith as you will then be sure of what is neded. Locksmiths charges are normally substantially less than Fiat so worht trying first. without doubt. AC Leigh in Norwich are extremely helpfu; and competent,
Thanks for the price guides and the tip for the Norwich locksmith! I’ll see what the warranty covers and take it from there.
Update: I got a quote from a local auto locksmith of £130 for a new key (re-programmed at his workshop). However, the seller’s warranty is a ‘return to base’ only (they wouldn’t pay for our local locksmith). There’s a few other things that, over the last few days, we’ve noticed need fixing, so we’re going to take it back to let them sort things out. Bit of a pain due to distance but there’s probably a good £500+ worth of repairs needed so will have to bite the bullet.
Thanks again for all the helpful suggestions!