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Jan 6, 2006
hey im new here does any1 kno where i can get a gearbox for a fiat punto soportin 1.6 n reg 96??
I'm afraid its a scrappy job. A new 'box or a recon box would be costing something like £700-1200 (recon. vs. new).
Scrappies would charge about £50 (I got a 6speeder for £45, but forgot to get new fangled linkages, as I run a 5speed as std) and maybe a tenner for getting it out for you.

A good garage would charge £45-50 for new clutch parts (get it done whilst the gearbox is out of the car otherwise you are wasting your time) and about £100 for labour.

So all up you are looking £200-250 for a good job. theres no gurentee that that box would be fine but they are generally pretty sound.
like i said 1st time on this sit so i no idea wats wat here and ive tried all the scrappys by me n cos its a 1.6 no 1 has 1!!!
if you buy a g'box from someone on either here, puntoforum or puntosports it will be pretty much good, a scrapy is a bit risky.

Try that is an electronic form that goes to breakers yards up and down the country and should return you a load of quotes!
thanx guys ive already put a thng out with these just waitin for a reply!!


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ye poor thing lol even got sum of the bits still in my m8s car well gutted de!ill never ever let my m8 wheel spin in reverse again
how much u askin for it and wud it be able to get delivered?