Technical Punto overheating - please help!!!

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Technical Punto overheating - please help!!!


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Feb 11, 2006
Hi. I have an S Reg Punto 60S that has done 42,000 miles. It was running beautifully until I took it to the garage for a routine service and timing belt renewal as a matter of course. A week after the work was done, the car overheated (red light came on) and this has continued to happen. It tends to overheat only when stationary for 3 minutes or more. Also the car has started to run very rough until warmed up with jerks / lack of power. All this has only started SINCE the service/new belt and I think it must be connected. What I need to know is does anyone think it is somehow connected to the new belt not being fitted correctly and do you need to remove the headgasket to replace the timing belt, or could the headgasket (as I'm guessing this may be the fault) have failed as a result of the garage fitting the timing belt incoreectly, and if so how can I get them to prove it or will I have to pay for a new gasket? Thanks in advance. John
Do a compression test, that'll tell you if the head gaskets leaking which i very much doubt, it sounds like your thermostats stuck.
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