Technical Punto mk2b charging problem

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Technical Punto mk2b charging problem


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Aug 17, 2011
Hello friends.

sorry for my bad english.
There is a charging problem in the mk2b 1.2 16v.

my tests (battery is new):
1- idle 13.80v
2- headlight on, ac on, radio on 13.00v
3- headlights on, ac on, radio on, fog and window heater on 12.60v
4-engine off 12.50v

where should i start? what is the problem?
Those results for 1 2 and 3 are not so bad if you are just idling with a 60amp alternator.

The alternator goes to the starter cable and then to the battery. Cleaning the terminals and connectors might help. On my car I replaced the starter cable and the fuse box feed from the battery because there were about half volt drops on those cables. While I was at it I changed the gearbox earth. All the cables get voltage drops as the wiring ages. Recrimping the ends does not help because resistance is building between the individual wires inside the plastic.
Hello again.

solved problem.
I replaced the alternator bearings and the regulator.
i replaced the main negative battery cable.
I cleanin all the earth.
result: idle 14.39v
all loads on: 14.21v

bearings: 10,81$
regulator: 18,91$
main battery cable: 10$

all cost 40$ (for turkiye)
workforce from me.