General punto mk2 parking in bay

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General punto mk2 parking in bay


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Mar 27, 2006
where is the turning point or is it different for each person
everyone has there own techniques for bay parking. its up to yourself and practise tbh. just need to learn where the dimensions of your car is and you'll be able to park it anywhere!
i usually start with my boot in line with the left line, and just turn the wheel while checking in the side mirrors to make sure its going in

not that hard? if you cant do it then go back to driving lessons!!!
i don't use a turning point, i do it purely by feel and how it looks and 9 times out of 10 im in first time. . . :cool:
i try to just get it in if i get scared i back out and line up square and go direct in then line the right line to just under the door

i also park up against hedges and stuff as close as possible

like parking with other small cars hate parking with jeeps