Technical Punto mk2 leaking oil?

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Technical Punto mk2 leaking oil?


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Jan 20, 2006
Hi, I have just bought a w-reg mk2 punto. I looked at the engine and it appeared to have a dark liquid around the engine seal at either end of the engine block. My mum has a r-reg punto and hers looks the same. Does anyone else have this?? Is this normal?
Yeah it's an 8 valve. So is this supposed to happen with the rocker cover or is this serious? Also i was hoping to wire in some rear speakers but the punto i have only has the rear grills and not the speakers?? I was wondering if the wiring was already there under the carpet or will i have to place wires from my head unit to the rear of the car?

If it is the rocker cover gasket then it shouldnt cost more than £10 for a new one and its reletavely simple to fit although I have never done one on a Fiat before I have done one on my old Clio and it was a case of airfilter housing off, 8 bolts removed and a clean lint free cloth to clean up muck from around the seal, then place new gasket in place and reverse the process.

As for the rear speaker wiring, I dunno about the Punto but the Cinq didnt have any wiring there so we had to lay new wire from the ISO all the way down the trim and under the carpet, not a hard job just takes a bit of patience and small fingers at times