Technical Punto MK2 - cooling

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Technical Punto MK2 - cooling


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Oct 27, 2005
Anybody knows where to find high perfomance waterpump?
Or may be a link or catalogue?
what spec are you running that you need an uprated waterpump?
if your having cooling probs then theres other factors
There`s -20C in my city and my heater heat alittle warm air....
But on 3000-4000rpm it became better.
well you may find you water pump is worn.if the eins are worn it will need rev'd to move enough water.a standard pump will suffice.
has any work been done on the engine recently?
well if its not been worked on i would look to replace or at least inspect the pump.though if your removing it anyway its worth changing.
im assuming you have checked the obvious,such as coolant level
If everything is right with your engine and you won't get enough out of your heater at the temperatures you are talking about it might be best to cover part of the radiator to slow down the coolong rate, which is done in many countries in the coldest part of the year. I personally think that your car is over cooled.