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Technical punto mk1 windows


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Feb 3, 2006

i got a mk1 punto 75sx and my electric windows go up sooooooooooo slow!.... i was wondering if its a weak motor??... or iv been hearing you can adjust it??

Anyone else had this problem??

anything i can do to make the window speed up??

I also have this problem with the windows but have yet to do anything about it. I always thought it was a weak motor as they have been in the car for 12 years.

This was one of the next things I was going to replace, would be interested to know if this can be adjusted though, might save me some money !
Another question i was going to ask, mine was fitted in and go so slow and the RIGHT driver side window does not work it has to be adjusted manually.
I've also noticed this for both front windows. First thing I tried was to remove the door panel, loosen the bolts securing the motor / guide channels etc and then runthe window up and down a few times (the final time, I left it up). I then tightened all the bolts in case something was out of line.

Didn't have much effect. New thoughts are perhaps the brushes are worn in the motors or maybe a bad earth so they're not getting as much power as they should be.
when they slow down pull it out and replace it, a known fault on the punto :bang:
charlieboy said:
tis what i did, mine are fine.

they used to be slow when dry, bit quicker when wet. no worries after a bit of lube (but then again not everyones car is the same)

I asume you mean between the two seals, has anyone else found any cheap soloutions, its my sisters (well now) and the passenger side window is dead slow, its always been a bit of a problem but was faster when i had it.

And the usual if you put both windows up at the same time they about die!

Is there any way to swop a Brava motor etc into it? etc? Just as i have a scrap Brava sitting! With super fast windows! And my Bravo HGT but she's not getting any parts off it!(y)