General Punto mk1 Alloy Wheel Offset??

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General Punto mk1 Alloy Wheel Offset??


Apr 7, 2004
middlesbrough, United Kin
Hi guys,im looking at some nice Fiat alloys for my punto mk1,the y are fiat pcd 4x98,but the offset is 30,i am thinking the punto is 38?,or something like that,could 30 offset wheels be fitted with some modding?,and if so what?,spacers?,any help would be great as i dont wanna buy them if i cant get em on!!
they are from a sei
cheers guys and gals!!!!
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I see,so in fairness they would look kinda silly then!,my punto is a mk1 sporting which is standard apart from new bonnet badge and lexus lights,it aint lowered so i was just looking at a simple swap,but if they gonna stick out i will look werid!,cheers anyway matey,guess you saved me a few quid!,back to the endlass search for some black gt jobbies!,like rockin' horse plop!!!
only 15mm though dave!

Actually the offset for a 5.5j is 40et (as written on the punto sporting oem alloys)

The question is what size wheels e.g 15" and what J ie what width and lastly what tyres. :cool: