General Punto MK 2 ELX 5 doors

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General Punto MK 2 ELX 5 doors


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Mar 11, 2006
Hello to all... I'm soon gonna get my very first car which is a Punto MK2 ELX with 5 doors as you might have read in the thread title :rolleyes:
This car was manufactered in France in 2000 and I was wondering what bulb type it had for the low beams because I've read that apparently the MK2s have either H1s or H7s depending on I dunno what so if someone knows PLEASE let me know... Oh, by the way, this car doesn't have the integrated fog lights in the main headlights if that helps...

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hi there yeah they can have either i dont know if there was a specific change over date or not my 2001 punto has H7. next way is to check it should be writen on the base of the bulb. driers side is easiest to remove. and dont touch the glass unless outhrowing it away.