Technical punto gt over heating

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Technical punto gt over heating


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Mar 20, 2006
My punto gt is over heating the water in the header tank goes up and down constantly i cant drive as fear of detonation. i have already had the head gasket replaced and had a new thermostat and radiator but still the problem persists, i dont get any hot air out of the heaters ethier. :cry:
it has only been running for 10 minutes since the head gasket change i only finished it yesterday. the head is also free of cracks.
But the head could be warped? Was the block and head spotless when re-assembling? If you are sure everything headgasket wise is ok then I would say you have an air lock. Have you bled it? What was the reason for changing the head gasket in the first place?

fiat main dealer said when i am gettin this cracklin in my expansion tank it has definately blown the gasket so i changed it if it is an airlock how do i get rid of the airlock
There should be bleed points somwhere in the coolant system-not quite sure where on the Punto though. If you have a Haynes Im sure it has the bleeding procedure in it. Do that firts as I wont cost anything to try.
not sure on the gt but there should be a couple of bleed screws - 1 is usually at the top of the radiator, and the other at the back of the engine bay going into the heater matrix... run the engine with the heater on full hot and bleed. You may need to jack up the front of the car as the air will pool at the uppermost point of the cooling system.
i have bled the system the way i know with heater on etc and can c none of the usual hose bleed points theres a bleed at top of rad but dats it
nope, there is one at the top left (looking at engine bay) of rad, and on GT's you get two bleed valves on the heater matrix in and out hoses (normal models only get 1 on there). Even then you still get air knocking about, took me a good two weeks to get all the air out (coolant kept going down a bit everyday:eek: , then it stopped and heater and radiator shut up and worked fine. never used any coolant or made bubbling/flowing noises again
cinqysxmk2 said:
haynes doesn't cover the GT unfortunately...

the porter manual does cover the gt and the cd manual that runs on a pc does ;) ;) ;)