Technical Punto Gearbox Removeal

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Technical Punto Gearbox Removeal


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Mar 20, 2006
east midlands
Hi. I am new to this forum so be kind to me if I ask a dumb question. I have 60SX with a manual 5 speed gearbox which I need to remove to sort a clutch problem out. Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to remove the gearchange cable end from the gearbox itself. The Haynes manual is spectacularly unhelpful in just saying "undo the nut and remove the connector". This just frees up what looks like a metal weight. It looks like the threaded end of the ball joint on the cable end should just come out of the gearchange lever but there is no way I can shift it. Even using a ball joint remover in an attempt to press it out does not shift it and that is with a lot of force. Have I got this totally wrong? Should I just split the balljoint and will this damage it in any way? Failing that should I remove the top selector cover from the gearbox and what are the pitfalls if I have to go down that route? Will springs and things fly everywhere? I considered removing the cable at the gearlever end but it is difficult to get at from underneath due to the heatshield. What am I doing wrong? I spent all day yesterday on this annoying little item.
On the mk2 if your talking about the selector cables coming from the gearstick they just pop off.
Thanks for the prompt replies. It is a MK1. Are you both saying that the balljoint just pops out of its seating without any damage? If so I have wasted a few hours and have a beef with Haynes who reckon that I have to remove the nut on the rear side of the lever and even have picture showing how to take it off!