Technical Punto Fan Heater Problem

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Technical Punto Fan Heater Problem


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Sep 19, 2005
Dear all fellow fiat-ers,

A little while ago I posted a tech question with reference to my fan heater problem. At the time the fan heater would blow cool & warm air, but it was a bit tempermental (ie it would blow air, then stop, then work etc etc). I was advised that it could be a fuse problem and was directed to the fuse box. I thought that once a fuse goes, so does the ability to use that option (ie the heater).

It now (of all times being now) has totally packed up and does not do squat. I think that it is not just a fuse, but possibly wiring or something else.

Does anyone have any idea if it is just a fuse, wiring or maybe something else? Sorry to have to expalin this in non-tech jargon but as you can probably tell that anything more mechanical then a paper-clip and I have problems !:worship:


I have had many Puntos where this has happened due to either vibration or normally due to little feet swinging up under the dash knocking the 2 pin connector off the fan motor. Plug it back in and all is well.
this happened to me, it turned out to be the resistor £25 for a new one
When i first got my Mk 2 Punto exactly a year ago, i found that the Heater fan wasn't working. I traced the fault to a dodgy Relay, The relay is situated in the Engine bay Fuse holder , there will be three of them coloured red, it's the one nearest to the LH wing. Mark it so you know which one is which and try swapping it with one of the others ( one does the radiator Fan can't remeber what the other does) , then try your heater fan again.

My Fan went off a couple of weeks ago again so i though trouble was brewing, on my way home from work this morning ( I work nights and it was a Baltic -3) the fan completely packied in again. I've just spent 10 minutes under the bonnet, the only thing i bothered meddling with was the Relay again and my fan has just sprang back into life ! Only trouble is they cost about £9.

HTH, I'm off to bed now , good morning and good night...