Styling Punto door speaker pods

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Styling Punto door speaker pods


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Feb 3, 2006
hi, anyone got any punot mk1 speaker pods for sale?... really looking to get some for my car!... or does anyone know where i can get them from?

what do you mean by 'interchangable'??

i was thinking of making my own! but i dont know where to start? im usless at that kind of stuff! :D
oo right!.... i went to halford the other day and they wanted £70 for the pair!!... and i dont even know what size speakers they can hold... i think its 6.5"
if you say it like that!... that is kind of a fair price!!... i thought they go for much cheaper second hand!!... but its not much of a difference!

and the funny thing is... is that if you want to buy door pods for the mk2 punto its only like £30
ModifiedPunto said:
i was thinking of making my own! but i dont know where to start? im usless at that kind of stuff! :D




bought the door pods for the sporting from fiat as i didnt wanna use the ones out the car incase i fecked it up

made baffle board to shape i wanted then used sticks of mdf to get the angles. secured with hot glue gun.

strecthed and stapled fleece over the structure.

applied fibreglass resin to fleece in thick layer to soakt he fleece allt he way through - left 24hrs to dry

then applyed cut strand matting + resin to the fleece. left to harden off, aplied another layer,left to dry and then another layer.

once hardened applied p38 and then shaped the p38 with a rzor thingy (special bodywork tool) and sanded to smooth/shape.

them skimmed all the pitted bits, and sanded

wet n dry'd it all

sprayed with filler primer, wet n dry'd again

need to check the fit now and cover them in something :D
i got uni aswell... aint got time... but if your willing to sell it i will buy it off you!... if you ever think of making any more let me know... start a business ! :D