Technical Punto Clutch Pedal getting slacker

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Technical Punto Clutch Pedal getting slacker

May 14, 2007

I've read a few threads already but I am not convinced that the problem I have with my Punto has already been mentioned.

I had a clutch renewal almost a year ago and I have recently noticed that the clutch pedal has a lot more slack in it than usual although the car and clutch are working stiffness at all. When I depress the clutch pedal, I have to press it down more than normal before I can feel any resistance and the clutch engages. It has gone progressively worse. Is this a clutch cable thing\adjustment?

Punto SLX X Reg 1.2



Thanks for the information. Yes, the clutch pedal is now almost at the floor.

Now, is the slave cylinder an "Easy" fix? I know you say it is a cheap fix but how hard is it to do, from a DIY perspective?


Ant H
it is mounted on the gear box with 2 bolts and easy to remove there is a pipe to it also from the master cylinder

the hardest bit is bleeding it actually I think there is a bleed nipple on them or it might be a case of brining the pipe union half out and pushing it in again to do it

the clip holding the pipe in will stop it from coming completely out when it is in the half in half out position

just pull the c clip to half out then work pipe in and out wile someone works the pedal much like you would when bleeding brakes