Technical Punto Braking Problem

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Technical Punto Braking Problem


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Apr 7, 2005
Hi All,

Any ideas on this one. I have a 2000 1.2 8v Punto. I was on a country road going down a hill to a junction. When I pushed the brake pedal it went hard and wouldnt brake fully. I admit before I got to the junction I had been using the brake like as if I was in a rally car. Luckily enough there was no cars coming! :eek:
Sounds like brake fade. If our really concerned when it happens, pull over and let them cool, or stop driving like a looney for the next few miles:D
yup that sounds like brake be honest you really should change the brake fluid if you got it that hot.
Thanks guys yeah I think I may stop driving like a looney!:D The brake fluid seems a bit low alright its on the min level. What type of brake fluid do ye recommend?
I recently changed mine, I used castrol dot 4 I think it was. It improved my brakes quite alot! Their still not on par with my sisters beetle or my dads corolla though (probably because they both have nice wide tyres, I have little wheels!).

You can access the front bleed screws by turning the wheels from lock to lock. The rears are very accesible, just get under the car and you'll see them facing inwards towards the top. I think off the top of my head it's a 9mm spanner. While your buying fluid get a bleeding kit, makes the job so much easier. When your bleeding don't let the fluid go below min. It's all explained in the Haynes(y)