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Technical Punto 85SX


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Feb 6, 2003
Longforgan, United Kingdom.
Has anyone out there found a way of getting a decent set of brakes on one of these as despite being able to just about stop the car there is no feel or progression in the system and there must be some way of getting feel and stopping power My 10 year old uno has great brakes and my old cinquecento sporting with red dot discs was awsome but I am not convinced that the problem lies with the discs or pads..system has been checked and bled..Also has anyone else suffered premature brake pipe corrosion on these it a 99T ?
I used to own an 85 and your problem sounds a little like one I had. I forget the exact details but there are various brake pads available across the mk1 range and the garage who changed mine had ordered and fitted the wrong ones. Once corrected they went from spongy and quite honestly scary to being really sharp.

hope this helps