Technical Punto 1.2 starting probs/ ECU

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Technical Punto 1.2 starting probs/ ECU


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Oct 15, 2007
Hi everyone, I have a 1.2l 8v punto 2 elx. The first start in the morning is very difficult. When the engine finally starts, the ECU light comes on and the P0352 DTC (Ignition Coil B) is stored in the ECU. (new coils + spark = no changes)
It seems to append when the starter motor is drawing too much current and the battery voltage drops below 8V. (Recharging the battery did not help to solve the problem :( )
After I read some thread in this forum, I think it is a common ECU problem ...
Did you think it is better to change this ECU, or did I just need to ask my fiat dealer to update the engine ecu software.

ECU Hardware IAW59F.M3 HW003
ECU Software 3502ML2 rev 00
Last reprog/Prod date 2000 11 25 (seems to be very old and never updated....)

Thanks for your help
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I have the exact same problem and changed both Coils and still the same. I think it is now down to the ECU. You can get them on EBAY for about £140 and they program themselves. Sometimes you have to do the Rev over the 5000rpm to get the ECU programmed.
Ok, I think I will take a look on ebay....
Did somebody exchange his ecu via ecu-testing or else ? Any feedback ?
Does anyone know where the ECU is located on the Mk2 Punto 1.2 8v? Also how long does it take for a new ECU swap?
The ECU is located left to the body throttle under the air cleaning filter.

The procedure is:
- Disconnect the battery negative terminal
- Remove air cleaning filtering element
- Act on the locking devices (1a)(see picture) and disconnect the electrical connectors for the injection control unit (1b)
- Undo the fixing bolts (2a) and remove the injection control unit (2b)


Place the new ECU, and then tighten the fixing bolts, connect the electrical connections, and connect the battery negative terminal.

Swap time max 15 minutes...
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NVV2 Did you change your ECU after? If so did it fix your starting problem? Where did you get it from?

Also Old School my car is now 6 years old so where can I get an ECU cheap? Ebay or go to Fiat?


No I haven't change it right now... I'm searching for one... the dealer price is prohibitive that's why I'm looking for an exchange part.

I just remove the ECU last week to check if it was not a bad terminal connection... but unsuccessfully

NVV2 Did you change your ECU after? If so did it fix your starting problem? Where did you get it from?

Also Old School my car is now 6 years old so where can I get an ECU cheap? Ebay or go to Fiat?



I would go to Fiat. We had one car re-mapped recently that had electronically 2 identities. If you are not too far away from East London I can get you the dealer discount.
nvv2 I was speaking to a Fiat Technician online and he says he's almost certains its the head gasket rather than the ECU as the ECU problem would not correct itself like our cars when warm.
gmjones: head gasket is another eventuality....
I connect yesterday a scantool. Always this P0352 DTC stored, but the strange think is that the freeze frame buffer is empty.... Usually when a DTC is stored the freeze frame buffer contain some parameters (rpm, speed, temp, etc...).
The freeze frame buffer I read has no sense! (random values)
Like Oldschool, I think that the microprocessor (in HW003) is corrupted, maybe due to battery voltage drop (<8V) when I crank the engine...
It's difficult to know what to do but do you hear any gargling noises from the heater area? Like water trickling? Also sometimes hot air goes to cold for a few seconds like an sir lock?


No gargling noises ... if it's your case, it's probably the head gasket... Did you recently check your cooling water level?

Just a few words to finish the story...
I finally change the ECU (buy on ebay).
Old ref 61600.376.02 (IAW 59F.M3 HW003)
New ref 61600.376.07 (IAW 59F.M3 HW303) a week ago...
After 3 revs over 5500 rpm the blinking ecu light switch off and at the moment I don't have any more trouble!!!
I have the SAME problem down to a tee on my 1108cc 2001 Y reg Seicento SX sporting. got a fault code reader this morning and it read P0352 changed leads plugs coil packs and still the same - when you changed the ECU did you not have to get a new lock set??? or did it just swap over????