Technical Punto 1.2 8V 2000 HG Done now sounds rough

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Technical Punto 1.2 8V 2000 HG Done now sounds rough


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Sep 30, 2007
I have finally got round to changing head gasket after it failed but I now have another prob.

I renewed HG, head was skimmed, new inlet manifold due to melting with heat.

The car starts OK, but sounds like a tractor. Also it cuts out if you dont give it a slight rev. When starting car the engine light goes out but comes back on after about 3 secs.

Any ideas folks........I feel I have gone this far to get in starting again, I just wish I could get it running as it was before HG went.

Any help would be helpful

Cheers Phil
Forgot to say that when it is running I am getting alot of smoke from exhaust, which I have been told is water in the exhaust (when HG went) and it is getting rib of that, but I am also getting smoke if I lift the oil filler cap.

Didnt know if this would help someone point me in the right direction.

I have also checked timing if ok.....and it is as near as damn it. I have noticed though the timing belt tensioner doesnt move...because I didnt see it before HG went I not sure it is suppose to, just wondering.

Cheers again Phil