Technical pulling to the left (not tracking)

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Technical pulling to the left (not tracking)

Mar 16, 2006
romford essex
had ma trackin sorted twice but my car still pulls to he left wen braking, becomes reaaly stiff when breakin and tryin to turn right started going wrong after i fitted my new wheels, they are balanced and all on properly. only thing i know is that one camber is -0.06 and the other is +1.1, is dis major or could there be another problem?:bang:
Re: pulin to the left (not tracking)

the seller sent me 'special' bolts coz he said something about the 98 or 100 etc, they r 17's n im tryin to upload a pic but bein unsuccessful.


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Re: pulin to the left (not tracking)

yeh, the metal rings dat push into the wheel, so the alloy sits tighter? i dint fit them at first coz dint c them, then wen travellin down the a13 me car shuck like a old reg escort doin 80 in a field. took the wheels off, added them rings and the shaking went, still pulls to the left especially when breaking though.
Re: pulin to the left (not tracking)

Pulling to the left when breaking says seized brake caliper to me, i.e. right side caliper is stuck and the left is doing all the breaking hence the pulling.

Your wheels are likely fine, as 17's on Punto's aren't exactly rare.

Re: pulin to the left (not tracking)

so a mechanics job then and not something just to be sorted at a trye place? yeah the balancing is all fine. drives fine, just pulls a bit and goes a bit mad when brakin, it can basicly change from inside to outside lane stopping at the lights from 40. not good.
Re: pulin to the left (not tracking)

custard boy said:
well that is serious.get it checked leaning towards a suspension prob TBH
yeh i did start a thread the other week because i have a rattling noise coming from the back left of the car week im rolling (maybe suspension). im just going to have to drop it in to a mechanic who knows what hes doing, not that simple to find round here though, too many cowboys.(n)
Re: pulin to the left (not tracking)

dave said:
take it to elite, they are not just a tyre place, they will tell you what is wrong, could be a warped disk
Could be a flexible brake pipe they fail internally & the bits clog up the pipe.