Technical Puddles in drivers footwell after rain

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Technical Puddles in drivers footwell after rain


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Dec 3, 2010
Esher, Surrey
Hi Fiat people, I have a 93 Uno Fire in daily use. Have noticed water in the footwell after heavy rain. Last time this happened I solved the problem by clearing out the drain under the screen by taking off the wiper and the plastic trim under the windscreen. I am wondering if the problem has come back of if the screen may be leaking? The puddle is under the seat, so some way back from the screen.

Had to replace most of the floor and both cills on the car a few years back so I am twitchy about water inside the car.

Would be grateful for any advice.
Sounds like it could be a windscreen leak as you suspect. If there is no obvious damage to the glass or surround then it should be possible to seal the bottom joint with mastic or similar sealant. I have also heard of a similar issue with water getting in round the door seal and running down into the footwell. Probably solvable easily if only you can find exactly where it's getting in.