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Project bumblebee SFX

Well what can I say? had the car for a couple of years now, done nowt to it so thought I would make a start.
I first fitted a tuning box, followed by a pipex air filter.
Then left it like this.
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Now I've decided to start some easy external mods.....

I cant seem to get my grille in so buying a mesh one next :)


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With the look of those alloys at the hill of tarvit, wouldn't it be worth either replacing them or getting them refurbed? Don't even think of pinching mine :)
No need to worry about that now then Scoop lol New alloys folks, will get a picture up when I get around to it :)

The alloys are indeed going to get refurbed and painted black for Shazes Sporting(when I have money) ;)
Lol yeah, it needs a wash and polish, maybe tomorrow. :)

Lowering will need to wait until after rear discs and pads are done. ;)
they look alright, how much did you pay for them and what pads did you match them up with?
I've now bought these, just awaiting delivery. :D

Hopefully sportlines next but not for a wee while.....I need to save ;)


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Re: Project bumblebee SFX

I've got same disks and pads all round mine are starting to look rusty
What's urs like