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Styling problem...


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Feb 3, 2006

I got a fiat punto mark 1!... and there is somthing wrong with the drivers side and passengers side door cards!!

The door cards keep popping out of their sockets... i brought new ruber sills for them but i still get the same problem... its starting to annoy me! :bang: lol

Any way i could fix this ?
On the mk1's they have allen key's and push clips, it sounds like most of your clips are caput, or the locators have widened out that much they dont latch, i would take the card off and using a screwdriver prise the white plastic layers outwards and if possible, pick the layers out in teh inserts that are on the doors, if you dont understand i cant really explain any better, sorry
Yeah in the door are holes. Into these holes go push clips. If you take off the door card then most of the time the clips break. But good news is you can buy them from fiat for a few pence.