Technical Problem with Y reg 1.6 manual Brava

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Technical Problem with Y reg 1.6 manual Brava


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Jun 17, 2004
Sutton, United Kingdom.
My friend's Brava has developed a fault and he'd like to know whether it's serious...the car's "engine control system failuer (EOBD) " warning light is on. AFAIK car still runs ok ... ideas? Thanks :)
you're asking for a prediction of what the light is coming on for, realistically thats not possible because it could be coming on for dozens of reasons. the fact that there is no noticable change in the engine's running suggests the fault is not serious, but that doesnt mean it will not progress, possibly suddenly, and possibly leading to the engine cutting out. you never know. when the light comes on the ecu usually stores a fault code, a diagnostic will read fault codes and provide some information about what the fault is, or at least give you a clue.
Thanks :), so it doesn't refer to a particular fault then I basically got the info in a text, so no specifics...I'll tell my mate to take it to Fiat then I guess