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General Problem Sorted !


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Jan 9, 2006
Dewsbury & Brid
A recent intermittent rough running problem on the 1.6S Brio has finally been sorted. It all started a couple of weeks ago when it would lose power after running at 60 - 70 mph for 20 odd miles. Pull over, stop and head under the bonnet would reveal nowt. No overheating and everything seemed OK. This carried on for a while and i eventually thought it was a fuel starvation problem. So, after drilling a couple of holes in the fuel filler cap to ensure the tank was vented, spraying the carb venturis with spray cleaner and fitting a new in line fuel filter, off i toddle thinking i'd sorted it. Wrong !! Back on the motorway and 20 odd miles of 75 mph it was splutter splutter bang bang. After nursing the pile of poo back home a closer look found that the distibutor cap internals were looking a bit worn and the rotor arm had a hairline crack from top to bottom. Having replaced both it was out for a test drive and whey hey !! You little beauty ! Running like a butchers dog chasing the grocers cat.:)