Technical Problem fitting alarm.

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Technical Problem fitting alarm.


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Mar 11, 2006
I am fitting an alarm to an 02 reg Punto 1.2 8V (2 door).
I am quite electrically competant but I am having trouble finding the -ve trigger from the door switch.
The Punto circuit diagram says the wire is green/white from the drivers side door, but there isn't a green/white wire coming from the doors wiring?
The diagram I am using is from a Haynes manual.
Can anybody help please.?:confused: Download this and have a look.

I fitted an alarm to my Punto (51reg), and it told me to connect like your's, but I just connected the wire to the main battery, when the alarm is armed, and I open the door, the alarm goes off. If that's what you worried about. Voltage sensing???
Thanks for your reply, yes it is voltage sensing but I got the impression that it had to be triggered from the actual door.
I will give it a try,
thanks again.
No, how it works, is a voltage drop. So you will be able to fit it as I said. It will go off when any door is opened and the light come's on.
I upgraded my MK2 Punto 1.2 (2001, serial two door central locking).

I my case I connect four tinny wires:

- blue/black and white/black ... unlock/lock door
- lihgt blue (2x) ... flash lights