Technical Problem Areas on 1.9 JTD?

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Technical Problem Areas on 1.9 JTD?


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Feb 14, 2006
Hi folks

I am considering buying a 2001 X reg 1.9JTD SX Saloon with 37K & FSH in a private sale and would appreciate any pointers on what problems to look for and the approx cost of fixing them.

No real issues, just check that everything is as it should be. Check ALL electronics. Everything. Make sure every switch and sensor does as it should. Also get it HPI checked. Check chassis and VIN numbers.

You want to be thinking about cam belt as its getting on for 5 years old - ignore the mileage. If its got sunroof check it works and that there are no damp patches behind the sunvisors.

The only issue that Marea's seem to have is where the anti-roll bar moves laterally on its bushes causing a clunk over bumps. This is fixed by knocking it back then fixing something to the bar to prevent it moving. Some weld tabs to stop it. I don't have this issue though so it's not on every Marea.

Other than that there are no real faults. JTD engine is very reliable, powerful and ecconomical. Marea itself is a very attractive, practical car. Hope your find doesn't have any of the potential issues I've listed above.
the only tip i would give is rev it all the way to 4500rpm on a flat in 3rd and keep it there for 5 seconds then change into 4th, then try to go up a steep STEEP hill in third @ over 3000rpm and accelerate up it moderatly to 4000rpm.

On mine this causes an overboost error to be logged and puts the car into limp home mode, which no-one can diagnose. I have had the MAF, EGR, OVerboost and the manifold boost sensor replace with no luck (best part of £1000 spent on wrong parts, labour and diagnostics). Back in to JCS in kegworth next week.:bang:

Apart from that i still love it (y)


Thanks for the advice folks. The car owner is out of the country for 6 weeks so I have plenty of research time.
smtvlive - did you ever change the turbo on your car? On our 2.4JTD the wastegate is controlled directly from the compressor outlet so you can manually adjust it to stop it over boosting.
I was surprised to see that on ours as it's quite normal for an electronic solenoid to control the boost level on modern engines now.
Not yet, I have been so busy at home and work that i have been putting up with it for now, but things are quieting down now (had the whole house replastered and fitted a new kitchen).

When i took it in they phoned to say they replace the manifold sensor as had one in stock and they couldn't get the light to come on so decided that it seemed a good idea to leave it on see if that fixed it(n)

I seriously think it has to be the turbo (sticking vanes has been mentioned). When i take it in to JCS on Monday, i am going to order a set of gaskets etc, as the man said 'Everything has been replaced that could cause it'. I WILL have this fixed by the end of the month regardless of cost, it personal now.

I must say JCS seem really good, friendly and INTERESTED in the problem.

I will post when i have if sorted as i really really like my car and it has to last till i can afford a 159 JTD multijet