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Technical power from 75


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May 1, 2002
United Kingdom.
my car has just been repaired and while this is being finished i am asking the guy to decat it. anyone had any experience powerwise of a decatted 75 with exhaust, decat, induction kit and a chip?
To be honest your not realy going to get much out of a 75. The only punto that likes mods is the GT as you have the turbo to play with.
I had a Sporting before my GT and it got 88bhp on teh rollers with a zorst and filter thats it!. Someone with a chip got 91bhp so as you can see thats allot of money for hardley anypower!
If you were desperate you could fit a turbo to that engine, there's enough room and it's an easy enough engine to work with, it's very basic and you can get to it all.

But that's a big big effort and to be honest the engine and teh rest of the car aren't much up to big power levels. Get a GT!

Spirito di Punto
Hi Pritch,
welcome to the Forum. If you're a bit of a Punto wiz, have you got any ideas for easy extra power from a Punto 60 engine? - I've got one in my Cinquecento :D . I'm thinking it's a bit restricted on the intake side what with the small throttle body. Don't really want to go to all the trouble of fitting an MPI system or spending thousands though. Any tips appreciated.

I've been told the 60 throttle body might be a bigger bore than the 55/Cinq one - any ideas?


Cinq sporting 1242cc
Yeah I'm pretty sure the 1.2 (it's really a 1.25:)) has a larger throttle body than the 1.1, but not by much.

So you dumped a 1.2 in the Cinq? Nice! I'm trying to imagine the new dimensions. For improving the power side of things? Have you already fitted K&N element to the air intake side of things? That's essential, along with some quality plugs (I forget the codes, it's all round here somewhere:I)

Aside from that, try a Peco DTM system, you could get it superchipped, you could get higher spec camshafts (Fiat fast roaders are £150, Abarths are something nearer £500 last time I checked) and a lighter flywheel would sure help it to rev more freely (though there are drawbacks for all these, mostly at low speed manoeuvers). I guess it's where to draw the line with the 1.2. In the Cinq it's probably worth maxxing out the 1.2, if it were the Punto I wouldn't bother.
You could even uprate the head gasket.

In my incompetence I've forgotten if the 1.2 is an 8 or 16 valve? I never had a 1.2, but if it is 8v try and make it breathe as easily as possible. Anything to increase and regualte the air flow is good, and it's often not that expensive. Don't forget the exhaust either. Um (racking brains) maybe you could insulate the exhaust manifolds with some sort of material similar to asbestos or pipe lugging, but make sure it's fire-proof. this will help keep exhaust temperature high which should make intake temperature less. It's worth spending teh money on high performance leads too.

I'm curious, what bits remain from the Cinq in the transmission or did you do a complete Punto unit swap?

Spirito di Punto
The 1242 engine is about 10mm taller than the 1108, so the exhaust needs lengthening - I've done it with a spacer cos I'm a tight arse. I've got a custom intake with green cone filter on, Bosch super 4 plugs, Magnecor leads, breather filter and Supersprint back box - It's still got the 'cat at the mo. It's still running the 1108 superchip, but it goes well as it is - although I suppose I should get it remapped when I have £118 in loose change... and exhaust wrap is on the cards soon.

The 60 engine is the 8v one, and the 'box bolts straight on, it's even the same clutch for 55/60/75 and cinq! All that needs doing is some swapping over, e.g. crank sensor and oil pressure switch. As swaps go, it's real simple.

I've had some discussions lately about the throttle bodies, some say the body is bigger (by 2.5mm!) on the 60, others seem to disagree. It would still give a little more air flow though, and aftermarket injection setups are not exactly cheap...

Thanks for the tips, I'll probably start doing a bit more when the weather improves. If you're interested, there's some info on my site linked below.


Cinq sporting 1242cc
I had a good shifty around the site, very nice work, especially the interior red, love it. Haha, it looks just like a baby Viper GT with big ideas!

Have you any idea what bhp it's putting out now? Have you got access to rollers?

Spirito di Punto
Dunno - was kicking out 56 at the wheels with the 1108, filter, chip & exhaust, I'd guess around 70 or so at the flywheel now. The one question you didn't ask and everyone else has - why swap engines for 6bhp? - the answer is the torque, the 1242 has something like 30% more than the 1108 in standard trim. The difference is huge for 134cc.

Might get it rolling roaded again to see if the emissions are still ok, passed an MOT fine today but they don't check the mixture flat out at 6000 revs though..... might be naughty if it's running weak at full chat.

Cinq sporting 1242cc