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May 11, 2005
in your dreams
Never been in this section before but here goes

Went for a drive today and spotted this at a garage near me :

1991 H - Reg Uno 45s, 3 Door, 8 months test, No tax, only 37,000 miles

Will take 350 quid for it

uno 2.jpg

mmmm very tempted for a run about car
S0 RUN said:
Never been in this section before but here goes

Welcome to the Uno section SO RUN :D.

uno_94 said:
a basic 45
This isn't basic 45. The earlier MK2 basic 45 (Formula) has a 903 OHV engine ;). The 45S always has a 999 FIRE IIR, and better trim.

What’s the shell like for rust? (see post 14)

If it’s OK, and with 8 months MOT it looks like test drive time :).
its a bargin either way, i paid £375 for mine with 73,000 on the clock 9 months MOT, my personal opinion is the Uno is fantasic, i've paid all of £10 on repairs (ignoring tyres) and that was for my handbreak which couldnt be fixed lol.

my car just passed the MOT after a me ragging it to death for 9 months, my cars now getting a well deserved break, another great thing is you will give alot of cars a reeeeaaaallll good run for their money, no kidding you will breeze the 1.2 corsa's and clio's (y)

i love my Uno

Ryan Edge
Ryan, If I get it and it dies on me, I would strip it for spares and you are only about 35 miles from me (y)

The door bottoms look as if they are on their way out and a few spots elsewhere on the body, may take for a drive in the week.
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Trav i would buy your if you went so damn far away, i really want a black uno