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Post pics of your guitar thread!

Jul 7, 2004
Inspired by KoArAnG buying a new guitar, how about all the FF musicians posting pictures of their guitars and telling us something about them?

I'll start off as I have a few :eek: , but then again I did use to play for a living.:slayer:

Picture 1 - My first bass. It was bought 2nd hand from a music shop for my Xmas and Birthday Present December 1984. I've no idea what make it is as it never had a badge on it! All I know is the plate that bolts the neck onto the body says 'Made in Japan'. Probably made in the early 70's going by the styling. If anyone knows what it is I'd love to know! Oh, and it sounds pants!

Picture 2 - 1970 Fender Mustang Bass in mustard with red competition stripe and painted headstock (limited edition). Bought this in 1986. This is a short scale bass that is quite rare - Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones used to play one. It plays really well but the pickups aren't that powerful. Now it needs re-fretting so I don't play it much.

Picture 3 - Aria Pro II Integra (circa late 80's) in pearlescent white. Looks like it came out of the Robert Palmer 'Addicted to Love' video! Shame it didn't come with one of the girls playing it :yum: Bought off a mate in 1993 for £60, then proceeded to do 250 gigs with it! Plays well, but ultimately a bit 'bland' and lacking in character. Used and abused, I used to throw it round the stage (literally) trying to be rock and roll and it still comes back for more :devil:

Picture 4 - 1997 Fender Jazz '1975 Re-Issue' in triple sunburst and rosewood fretboard. Bought new by me, absolutely lovely guitar. Plays beautifully, sounds great and also very versatile. Has the 70's style block markers on the frets instead of the dot markers (as per 1975 version). No longer available in triple sunburst (that was a special order extra cost option), and they were quite rare to begin with!

Picture 5 - :worship: 1978 Rickenbacker 4001 :worship: with 'Ric'o'sound' stereo outputs in 'Jetglo' black. This one is my dream guitar. Always wanted one but they were so expensive in the UK (hence buying the Jazz). However, when in New York City in 2000 I found this one in a music shop for $650 (about £400). At the time a 4001 in similar condition in London's Denmark Street would fetch £1000 plus :eek: Suffice to say I snapped it up, renovated it and will never let it go. It plays great (not as easy as the Jazz to play, but I soon adapted), and it sounds absolutely brilliant. Has the classic Ricky bass sound that no other bass can even come close to. It's my baby!:slayer:


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my old guitar, sold for knack all to pay for my car repair habit...

it was a boootiful 65 jazzmaster i got for a steal at a car bot sale.. in mint condition, needed the bridge repairing, but i got it done professional like...

had a lovely ring to it...

i miss it... :(

(btw, that's not a photo of it, it's a photo of a similar one off the web...i don't have any photo's)

and what I always wanted was an N-4... the double headed one designed by nuno from Extreme, that was a beut of a guitar..


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Ok, now it gets embarassing :eek:

I have a couple of electric six string guitars guitars, but neither are much to talk about.

Picture 1 - KAY Les Paul Copy (circa late 70's/ early 80's) in black. Fit for firewood really! They were often bought out of Gratton and Kay's catalogues. I bought it very cheap and learnt to play six string as well as bass. It's basically falling to bits, but I'm tempted to spray it in silver glitter and make it look like Marc Bolans Les Paul. Then I can hang it on the wall and just enjoy looking at it rather than playing it :p

Picture 2 - 1989 Marlin Sidewinder in metallic Flamingo Pink. One of the first of the cheap but quite well made guitars. Yes, it is PINK, but it was cheap and I wanted to do some multitracking and needed a guitar. I got it new in a sale, and it was the only colour available. :eek: Needs a complete overhaul now, but the basses come first!

Picture 3 - Casio CZ101 circa mid 80's. Ok, not a guitar but it was in the same cupboard! It looks like a toy, but is actually a very unique sounding digital synthesizer. Now quite a cult instrument - even Depeche Mode, OMD, Erasure and The Prodigy have used them for their unique sounds!

I have one other synth, a Yamaha SY85 workstation, but that's round a friends house. I lent it to him about four years ago and have been letting him babysit it ever since. I've run out of storage room, so it's quite handy him looking after it! I never use it anyway...

So that's my collection. Let's see what wonderful axe's everyone else is hiding in their cupboards! And tell us all about them!


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I'll brush the dust off my case and get a pic..

Kirsty attempts to play Bass occasionally so will point her this way ;)

Will also try and get some pics of my mates guitars.. has a nice collection and can actually play them unlike me :eek:
Haven't got a picture of my bass right now but I'll take one tonight :D
Not quite mark king style, could never get the right sound, but then that involves wrapping duck tape round your thumb, and that is just not rock'n'roll!

I play more of a Flea style of slap... But I also use my fingers all the time, almost never use a pick.

I was heavily influenced at first by the late Cliff Burton, I had a distortion and wah pedal to try and get that "For whom the bell tolls" sound. Never quite got it but I loved trying to replicate his insane solos - I got a very strange look from the guy in the music shop "Can I try these pedals please?" then got a bass out of my case! Got even funnier looks tearing it up in the corner "testing" :slayer:

I then saw a band called Electric Love Hogs who's bass player was slapping the arse out his guitar and I thought "I've got to learn how to do that!" and got a whole new appreciation of bass.

Good times.
cinqysxmk2 said:
I play more of a Flea style of slap... But I also use my fingers all the time, almost never use a pick.

I rem watching a Bass solo from Flea when I went to see the Chilli's in Manc now that was awesome and the atmosphere was unreal :slayer:
I'm crap... :D Most strenuous thing I can do is the bass line from Pixies-Where is my Mind :eek:
paulbfd said:
I hope all you bass players out there partake in slap bass, Mark King style.

Rarely, but sometimes I do! Problem with slap bass is that you need the right bass and sometimes the right amp to get the 'slap' bass sound. My Rickenbacker is un-slappable because of the locations of the pickups, and it doesn't sound good slapped anyway. But occasionally I'd do a Bruce Foxton (The Jam) style Rickenbacker half slap by using a pick to play the bassey notes and popping the G string (that sounds rude!) occasionally with my 4th and 5th fingers.

My Fender Jazz bass is good for slapping, and so is my Aria. But it helps a lot to have a good amp with active gain controls so you can boost the bottom and top frequencies and cut the mid range. All my basses are 'passive', so a versatile amp is needed to give that classic slap sound. Plus new'ish strings else it will sound dead.

Mark King was good at what he did, but I can't say he was one of my bass idols. He also had the advantage of using an Alembic bass (bloody expensive!) that was custom built. It had all sorts of active onboard pre-amp gain controls, and I remember one of his had LED's for dot markers so the fret board lit up!

Oh, and he had gaffer tape on his thumb to stop him constantly breaking the skin on it!

I'm with CinqySX, and prefer Flea from the Chili Peppers for slapping style, though as mentioned I rarely slap. Another good slap player (I forget his name) is the guy from Primus. He was absolutely mental!

I'm more into the style of Tim Commerford (YTimK) from Rage Against the Machine, who has come up with some really great sounds and is an excellent and imaginative player. I'm also a big fan of Geddy Lee from Rush, the Canadian experimental hard prog rock group. That guy is awesome with what he can do on bass! And he sings, plays keyboads AND plays bass pedals live, sometimes doing three things simultaneously :eek:

I also like the bass player from the re-formed Janes Addiction, I think his name is Eric Avery? He plays simple bass lines, but they are very off the wall and suit the music so well. He came up with a bass line using just two notes for the verses of 'Price I pay', and it is so effective it's one of those riffs that makes you wonder why no-one else ever came up with it...

As far as pick verses fingers go, I use both 50/50. All depends on the song and style. A pick can give a crisper sound, and can allow some very fast plucking of single notes. But fingers can let you be more elaborate with the fret hand, and gives you slightly better control. Very much horses for courses!

Edit: Eric Avery was the original bassist for Jane's Addiction. He was replaced by Chris Chaney who played on 'Strays' mentioned above. And I just found out tonight that they've split up AGAIN :cry:
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