General Possibly 2 fit punto gt engine??

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General Possibly 2 fit punto gt engine??

custard - stickys dont mention gt engines. they do mention 16v, is that the gt engine? :confused:

giggz - if you dig through the gallery theres a pic of a cinq with a 16v lump in it!! so it must be possible to fit one of them (y)
'Practical Performance Mag' featuring a 'Cossie-powered Cinq'...

Ive not heard of anything more 'impractical' in my whole life ;)
chrisunoman said:
'Practical Performance Mag' featuring a 'Cossie-powered Cinq'...

Ive not heard of anything more 'impractical' in my whole life ;)

I thought that too...but whatever, its 220BHp+ in a car that is for all intents and purposes a shoebox
Believe it or not its actually 320bhp!!!! :slayer: :slayer: :slayer:

It definately lacks in the practical bit, but I'm sure it more than makes up for it in the Performance side of things!!!

12 second 1/4 mile in a Cinq!!! :worship: :worship: :worship:


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You mean there's a car on this planet more unreliable than mine!!!

I very much doubt that.

Mine's been up on axel stands 6 weekends in the last 8!!! :slayer:

Lets see if anyone can beat that!!!
Mine gets more maintenance per mile than probably any other!

Second car, limited mileage policy, keep buying upgrades for it!

I think the Cossie Cinq would need stout underwear for the driver - and passenger probably. All the weight in the back and 320bhp? yike.
If you count, chucking an engine in the boot as fitting, then virtually any engine will go in, im sorry unless you can use it sensibly everyday then its purely a toy, and should no longer be classified as a cinquecento.

100-120 bhp in a car the size is perfectly adequate, which is 1242 and turbo power, ok some people have got 150 apparently. But one thing bothers me we see all these threads can I fit this turbo/big engine, and not once, does anyone ask what bracing/strenthening does the chasis require.