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Sep 2, 2007
Hello knowledgeable Panda people. I'm sure I read on here that sticking Shell V-Power (formerly Optimax) was good for the 100hp and kept the engine clean.

However, I have an 8 mile round trip to the nearest Shell.

So, are the rival brands just as good? The difference seems to be something to do with er... RON.

V-power is 99, the other premium brands are 97 (apart from the the one that is 102 RON from BP (i think) that is £2.50 a litre though).

Any advice welcome.
You shouldnt need to use a 99 ron fuel in you 100hp its the same engine they use in the 1.4 stilo and we run that on 95 ron with out any problem I run my 1.2 panda on 95 as well (y)
Run my Panda on Tesco 99RON as it isn't that expensive and seems to make the car a lot smoother.