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May 31, 2005
Well my clutch went the way of the do-do last night, when I tighten the cable the peddle just sags even more, when I put (wrestle) it into 1st it stalls as its not disengaged, I drove all the way home in 3rd and now its parked up looking very sorry for itself.

My hint to you all, if clutch is going, get it done, putting it off NEVER helps.

Bus it is till payday :cry:
did you not fit a new clutch when the 1242 went in, how long have you had that in there. tiny bit worried as my engine spec is similar..
Well my cinque has just passed 80500 on the clock, I think Bushboy said it was its 1st clutch, which is pretty impressive, engine conversion or not.

You will notice it going, feels like a clutch cable thats just worn in and needs tightening again.

Just been quoted 175 inc fitting on mates rates, so I'll go for that then
clutches arent that hard to DIY, I've seen the clutch kits for sale at £35, so its a steal if you do it yourself
James...youre assuming you dont charge yourself for labour?

The gearbox is an absolute farce to get back comes off in in under 2 hours working at a slowish pace.

It took me and my dad about 2 hours to line it up and use the bolts to force it to line up accurately (not recommended procedure)...personally, id look into using a lifting beam (I forget the technical term - thing that grips on the front wings and can be lifted and lowered) to take the G/B's weight and then slide it into position based on that - support the engine using a jack and a wooden block!!

The G/B is ~33kg so I wouldnt recommend manhandling it if possible....I know 'cos I have done it and its not easy!!!
indeed, i ended up putting the engine on its end (timing end) and then lowering the box onto it. was a reet pain in the arse!
Your both wimps just get under the car heave it onto your chest get covered in gearbox oil swear like you didn't know you could take it back out think about crying and repeat process again works a treat :)
Oh yes I know that Im a wimp, I'll even admit it, but I do have a mitigating circumstance.

IIRC it wasnt much easier with the engine out of the car, we got the engine 300mm in the air and swung it to 45 degrees (my means of me mounting the timing end of the engine and fettling) to get the gearbox straightened up