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Technical Poor starting update!


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Mar 13, 2023
Hi all, right i may have made a breakthrough with the poor cold starting issue on my 2007 1.9 Multjet. After many an hour under the bonnet swapping glow plugs, injectors, fuel filter etc i was beginning to run out of options. Anyway whilst trawling Ebay I noticed another Sedici for sale and it said in the description it had a switch fitted on the coolant sensor to aid starting, strange I thought. Then whilst trawling the forums another Fiat owner with an older 1.9 engine said that there’s would only start from cold with the coolant sensor disconnected so I thought I’d give it a try. I disconnected the sensor and turned on the ignition. Now the glow plug light stayed on for over 5 seconds which it’s never done and it literally started straight away and it’s not been started for a week. Only problem is it makes the cooling fan run constantly and has also put the engine light on. So I’ve ordered a new sensor and will update when fitted. Fingers crossed! 😬


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No difference with new coolant sensor, also tried a second hand glow plug relay to no avail. Trawling other forums of other cars with same engine the 1.9 does suffer with this cold start problem a lot. One thing that does come up a lot is lazy starter motor so for the price of a second hand one on fleebay I might give that a try. Just foxes me why with the coolant sensor disconnected the glow plug light stays on for much longer and it starts fine 🤷
finally I have a useable Sedici! After fitting the second hand alternator and a new auxiliary belt I thought I’d cracked it as with the previously fitted starter motor as well it seemed to be spinning over much better but still wouldn’t start when cold so I’ve had to be inventive as a temporary solution. I previously said that it would start fine with the temperature sensor disconnected but obviously it’s a pain popping that off every time so what i’ve done is ran the temperature sensor through a VW interior light door switch which is mounted inside the car, so when you start it first thing you hold the switch in with your left hand, give it about 5 seconds of glow plugs and away she goes! Funny thing is though you have to keep the switch pressed till it fires, if you release it before it still won’t fire? So I’m thinking it must me fuel pressure related rather than glow plug so next job is rail pressures as obviously this is only a temporary solution but at least it’s useable! Only problem though is that the clutch went on the step daughters Disco the next day so she’s nicked it temporarily now! The joys eh 🤣 Anybody got any ideas why having the temperature sensor disconnected would make the fuel inject as I’m convinced it’s fuel related now🤔
Right, the saga continues! My stepdaughter borrowed the Sedici for a month whilst she had her Discovery fixed and although didn’t let her down, the last few days was getting difficult to start when cold again, even with the “magic temp gauge disconnection button” engaged. Was trying and had visible smoke from exhaust, but just wouldn’t quite catch. Anyway i bit the bullet and dropped it off at a very good local diesel specialist for a diagnosis (boy did it hurt lol) and this is what they found. Sounds feasible to me as the starter I fitted was second hand. Thoughts anybody???


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