plz hep y10 business studies student...

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plz hep y10 business studies student...


Feb 20, 2005
West Yorks
Done but some of those questions were poor, there was some that i was forced to write information for when i didnt agree with the question


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Oct 8, 2003
AppleSei said:
Done but some of those questions were poor, there was some that i was forced to write information for when i didnt agree with the question

yeah the questions could have been worded bettter


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May 29, 2003
Doncaster, United Kingdom
I bloody loathe Corsas, gave 'em a well-deserved slating :D

But the questions weren't great. e.g. Q5 and Q7 ("why would you not choose the Corsa?" and "What do you not like about the Corsa?") are very similar.

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Sep 12, 2003
I have done it, but a few typos and the questions didn't really flow, plus I felt I had to answer when I really want to put not applicable / don't care :)

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Oct 8, 2005
Just done it.

I found most of the questions reletavely straight forward. There were some questions that really needed an option for Not Applicable but apart from that it wasnt too taxing for the old brain :)
Jul 7, 2004
Agree that some of the questions weren't relevant if a certain question had been given to a previous question. I still wouldn't buy one...

Here's my responses :D

Q1: What Gender Are You?

A: Male

Q2: What age group do you fall into?

A: 30 - 40

Q3: On the a scale of 1 - 10 rate how likley you are to buy a small hatchback as your next car.
(10 = very likely)

A: 10

Q4: How likely are you to choose a Vauxhall Corsa as your next small hatchback?
(10 = Very likely)

A: 1

Q5: If you answered below 3 to the previous question, why whould you not choose the Corsa?

A: Image and Chavs that own them!

Q6: If you answered above 3 on question 4 what is it you like about the Corsa?

A: N/A

Q7: What do you not like about the Corsa?

A: See question 5. Plus three cylinder engine version is not nice to drive

Q8: Please select the car you would be most likely to buy out of the list.

A: Fiat Punto (what else?!!!)

Q9: Why have you chosen the car you have in the previous question?

A: Have previously owned two Fiats and love them. Brand loyalty. Italian brio and styling

Q10: Do you Associate the Corsa with a particular kind of driver? if so please state this kind of driver

A: Young girls, first time drivers, boy racer Chavs

Q11: Why do you associate the Corsa with this kind of driver

A: Because they are driven by them...

Q12: If your opinion of who drives the Corsa is a bad one, how could Vauxhall change the Corsa to make the Corsa more appealing to the majourity of the public?

A: Put a Fiat badge on the back :D

Q13: What extra features would you like as standard on the Corsa?

A: Less effeminate styling, bigger engine (2.0 16 valve would be nice)

Q14: What is your price range for your next small hatchback?

A: Under £5000 (more like under £500, but that option was not available)

Q15: Do you think the Corsa needs to be cheaper?

A: No (even more Chavs would buy them if they were!)

Q16: If you answered yes to the previous question, how much do you thin the Corsa should cost?

A: Not applicable

Q17: Do you think you should be able to buy your car over the internet and have it delivered to your door?

A: No

Q18: Where Do you think Vauxhall Need to advertise the Corsa?

A: Magazines

Q19: How likely would you be to buy the Corsa if Vauxhall were to offer 0% finance on it?
(10 = very likely)

A: 1

Q20: On a scale of 1 to 10 how likley would you be to buy the corsa if Vauxhall were to put a Large engine into it?

(10=Very likley)

A: 3

Q21: Do you belive Vauxhall is a brand name?

A: No, they are rebadged Opel/ GM world cars.

Q22: What should Vauxhall offer in terms of servicing?

A: Cheaper costs
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Oct 25, 2003
I have done it.....

The questions werent really suited to me so i think my answers were a bit crap.

I felt some questions were just stuck in there as fillers